Our Achievements

"These awards, and the fact that they reflect diverse areas of the business, indicate that we are all on the right track. Our focused approach is making an impact in the market and we are the brand of choice for many. The Lafferty Award is a particularly strong indicator as it measures the expectation gap between what the company is communicating across various channels and what clients are experiencing when interacting with the brand. We've all worked very hard to keep this expectation gap as small as possible and I'd like to congratulate everyone on this achievement."

Gerrie Fourie, CEO

#1 Forbes World’s Best Bank Survey
The survey measured the best banks in nearly 2 dozen countries. The banks were rated on overall recommendations and satisfaction while trust, terms and conditions, customer services, digital services and financial advice were surveyed. We were named best bank in South Africa. (February 2019)

#1 Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Award
Capitec Bank Holdings Limited was selected as the 2018 Sunday Times Top Company for its share performance on the JSE over the past 5 years. (November 2018)

#1 Kantar Millward Brown
We received the award for the Most Innovative Brand among the top 30 brands in South Africa and ranked as the 20th Most Valuable Brand. (November 2018)

#1 Lafferty Top 500 Banks Worldwide
The Lafferty Banking methodology uses 19 separate metrics to assess 500 banks for overall quality. For the third year in a row, we were ranked as the top South African bank in the Lafferty global rankings and third overall in the world.(October 2018)

#1 Sunday Times Top Brands Awards
We retained our number one position in the retail bank category. (October 2018)

#1 Solidarity Bank Charges Report 2018
We offer the most affordable bank account when taking interest earned into account. (October 2018)

#1 BrandsEye’s South African Banking Sentiment Index 2018
We are the most loved bank on social media. (October 2018)